The Cassidy Door

As we try to keep you abreast of work we’ve done, we’re looking back at some of our projects in the past several months. One of them, the Cassidy Door, was brought to our attention by some folks nearby in the Texas Hill Country. Their front door had an intricate panel in it, one composed of bevels and various textures of clear and frosted glass. Like all front doors in the area, it’d seen a fair bit of weather, and it’d seen more use than most. When it came to us, it had a fair bit wrong with it:

A fair bit of the came–the metal support structure into which the individual pieces of glass are fitted–had broken, whether where the pieces were soldered together or where the metal itself had fatigued from years of the panel moving when the door was opened or closed or rattled by the winds that blow across the hills, rustling the cedar and mesquite that grows on them. Too, a few of the pieces of glass, themselves, had cracked for much the same reasons.

We were able to get the panel out of the door and the parts needing repair and replacement pulled out, fixed up, back together, and cleaned up. The panel went back into the door, along with some additional reinforcement to help keep the kindly Hill Country weather from getting too much hold on it, and the door went back into its frame at home, looking like this:

It’s not the only piece we’ve done, of course, and it’s not the last one we’re going to do. Maybe we can do one for you! Give us a call or send us a message at 830-890-1509, or email us at; we’d love to hear from you, and we’d love more to work with you!

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