Work We’ve Done

We’ve said elsewhere (here, in case you were wondering) that this isn’t our first rodeo. We made the window that’s in our branding (and our kitchen, as it happens), but it isn’t the only piece we’ve done. There are, of course, others–and we’ve got images of some below, along with a few notes about each.

For example, there’re these pieces:

They represent some of the new work we’ve been about since re-starting production here in the Texas Hill Country. We’ve highlighted some of them in the posts that’ve been on the blog in August and September 2017.

Our work on kaleidoscopes has also received attention:

Lots of little pieces come together to make something beautiful. Kind of like life, really.

Since then, we’ve done a few other things, too, because there’s more than one way to do art glass:

We’ve also done these:

They were done for the new Bandera High School in the Cowboy Capital of the World, Bandera, Texas, at behest of recently graduated classes–and we were happy to have helped make their school all the more beautiful.

There’re also these pieces:

These, we put into a church in nearby Center Point, Texas. There are a few more, although the photos seem to have found their way somewhere else…

Oh, and they’re not all. There’re also some pieces we did for the North Texas Irish Festival some years back:

And there’re many panels and windows we’ve put together and put in for individual clients, such as these:

More recently, we’ve gotten some things done like the Cassidy Door, another front door, some selected cabinet work, the Smith Panel Combination, and the Turner Transom. Seeing all this, and seeing elsewhere what all’s to come, can you see your way to having us come on by and see what we can do for you?