Selections to the Cabinets

As we continue to try to keep you abreast of work we’ve done, we’re looking back at some of our projects in the past several months. A few of them have taken the form of working on cabinet inserts, beautifying kitchen spaces for our friends and neighbors in the Greater Kerrville area and beyond. The Clausewitz Cabinets were among them; the folks we did the work for had had some cabinet work done in their home, and they were fond of the inserts they’d had before. The only problem was that those inserts were too small for the new cabinets! Fortunately, we were able to add some expansion panels to them, letting the folks keep things they’d loved before as they got into things they were coming to love now:

The broader came you see holding the original central panel in place is some of the zinc came we’ve noted before; a kitchen cabinet has to get opened and shut often, and sometimes with a fair bit of vigor, so it has to be able to stand up to use. The clear panels at top and bottom allow for ease of viewing, while the beveled panels to the sides add visual interest while still foregrounding the original etched glass. The folks we did the work for seem to be happy with it, and we’re pleased with the performance, too!

We had another couple of unrelated pieces come in, too. They’ll speak for themselves:

We hope you like them; maybe you’d like something like them for your own? If so, give us a call or send us a message at 830-890-1509, or email us at; we’d love to hear from you, and we’d love more to work with you!

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