More Door Work

As we continue to try to keep you abreast of work we’ve done, we’re looking back at some of our projects in the past several months. Another of them, another front door, was brought to our attention by some other folks who have the good luck to live in the Texas Hill Country. Like the Cassidy Door, these folks’ front door had an intricate panel in it, this one composed mostly of bevels; like the Cassidy Door, too, it’d seen a fair bit of weather, as well as a fair bit of use–and it had less support going in than the Cassidy Door’d had. When it came to us, we saw the effects:

In addition to having some cracked glass and some came that’d snapped, the unsupported panel had moved around so much in the door that the putty put in to hold the glass more firmly inside the came had started to crumble and peel away. The putty normally helps the glass to stay still in its pieces of came, and it helps to weatherproof the panel as a whole, keeping air from coming in around the individual pieces of glass. When it’s not there, things get drafty in a hurry–which makes for higher electric bills, as well as increasing the amount of damage that happens every time the door gets opened or shut.

Fortunately, we keep came and putty and the like on hand. That let us be sure that when we replaced the pieces that needed it, we could be sure they fit together snugly. And we made a point of putting a couple of pieces of support into the repair that hadn’t been there before, an extra layer of a harder zinc came affixed behind the outside face of the window, following the lines and curves of the artistic bevels to add another bit of strength to the panel so that it can hold up better against use and weather. From the outside, it doesn’t show at all, and even from the inside, it’s hard to see unless you’re looking really hard at just the right place; see for yourself:

There’s a door that’ll stand up to years of use and still look good. It’s certainly not the last one we’re going to do. Maybe we can do one for you! Give us a call or send us a message at 830-890-1509, or email us at; we’d love to hear from you, and we’d love more to work with you!

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