The Smith Panel Combination: It’s Done and In!

Late in 2021, we started working on the Smith Panel Combination–and posting about our progress on it. We’ve worked to bring you into our work on the project, showing you some of what we do along the way, and we hope you’ve enjoyed coming along with us. But this particular journey’s over; the work is done, and the combined panel has been put in! Placed into the window frame the client selected, and secured inside the existing glass with clips that facilitate removal for cleaning both the panel and the window. The setup lets light in through it and around it, the work blends in with the home while providing a marked point of visual focus for it–one that will hold up for years to come!

We were pleased with how things turned out–but then, we wouldn’t have delivered the panels to the client without liking how they look. We’re happier, though, that the client was well-pleased with the work, who made the following comment on our Facebook page: “Thank You! I love my finished and installed Deer and Tree stained glass piece! I highly recommend Kevin!” It’s the kind of thing we love to read–and we’d love the chance to make you happy, too! Give us a call at 830-890-1509, or message us via our “Contacts” page to see what all we can do for you!

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