The MK Panel: Ready for Installation

Work has progressed on the MK Panel–quite a bit of it, as it happens.

Last week, we noted having gotten the panel fitted together, the pieces laid out and set where they need to go. The next step from there is to solder the came together, joining the pieces of lead and zinc into a skeleton within which the glass can hang and allow the light to shine through.

We’re pleased with the result, although we have to note that it did not go as smoothly as some projects we’ve done. Applying the kind of solder we use is hot work, and sometimes glass does not respond well to the shifts in temperature. When we’ve done the kind of cut-work needed to craft the piano keys in the MK Panel, stress-points are created that sometimes…disagree with the other work that happens. That means new glass must be cut and fitted, and the came deconstructed and reconstructed to accommodate it. But we got it done, and we got the glass puttied and the came patinaed so that it will hold up against what comes next: installation and standing beautifully through the years!

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