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The Untersee Lantern: Getting Started

We don’t just do windows, you know!

Recently, we were contacted by a client who wanted us to take a look at and repair some lanterns in their possession. There’s a lot of damage to address, both to the glass and to the structures of the lanterns themselves, as the pictures below show.

What’s really interesting with these is that they are clearly oil lamps, and the smoke and soot that will inevitably come from using them will impose some things on the repairs; whatever we do has to be something that can be cleaned easily, for one thing. Too, while getting glass to match what’s in place should be relatively easy–while textured and colored glass gets made in individual batches, the plain glass of the lanterns’ panels is often mass-produced and thus easier to replicate–the etching will take some time and attention. Fortunately, we’ve got the tools and techniques on hand to make it happen–as we’ll show in the coming weeks!

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