A Recent Repair: 22 April 2018

Things have been proceeding a bit slowly for us at Heart’s Desire–but they have been going. In the past weeks, we’ve been working on a repair job–a door that had seen some problems. When it came to us, it looked like this:

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As is clear, several of the panels were badly cracked, with some needing to be patched with plastic to keep outside air and all kinds of little critters out. But we got the door and got to work, first sketching out what panels would need replacing–because the state of the glass in the cracked panels was such that fixing them wouldn’t have worked well:

20180422 Plotting Repair

With that sketch ready, we pulled out the glass that could be saved, replaced what couldn’t, and put things together to know that we were doing what needed to be done:

20180422 Amid Repair

Soon enough, we had all the pieces back in place, the glass back in the door, and the door back to the people whose house it was–and it looked something like this:

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Now, the folks have a door to be proud of and an art-glass window on the world–and you can, too! Drop us a line at 1-830-890-1509, and we’ll be happy to talk with you about how we can make your stained glass (or clear art glass!) dreams come true!

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