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A Year Later


Clearly, it’s been too long since the site’s been updated; we’ve been busy with glass repairs and fabrication, yes, but that’s not an excuse for not doing better here.

There’ll be more coming, but in the meantime, a couple of things we’ve gotten done…

From window panels to repairs to free-standing glass artwork, we can meet your stained glass needs; give us a call or send us a message, and let’s see what we can do for you!

Some Work on the Shop

We’re a small outfit, really, one that started out in one corner of our back porch and which has largely remained there since. It’s been a good space, and it’s let us get a lot of work done, from putting together small pieces to sell at craft shows around the Texas Hill Country to putting in pieces for proud alumni to give back to their schools, to slumping and fusing glass to repairing doors and windows.

We’ve had occasion recently to do a bit of a reset on our back-porch setup. It will help keep us going strong as we keep on making and repairing stained glass art–as we hope to do for you!

This is where the magic happens, where we get it done–for you. And if you’d like us to do more for you, give us a call a call (830-890-1509) or email us (; we’d love to talk about your art glass needs!

We’re Still Hard at Work

Right now, Kevin’s at work on a series of more than a dozen windows for a client in one of the nicer areas outside of town. They’re mostly floral windows, colored glass in clear panels, framed in zinc for greater stability.

The window in progress now…

Like what you see? We do custom creations, repairs, and installations. Give us a call (830-890-1509) or email us ( and see what we can do for you!

Hard at work in the shop…

Another Project Completed!

The project we were working on over Presidents’ Day is done. The panes are all back in place, set in their newly-reinforced came and puttied so that the wind won’t whistle through them. The panel is back in the door–a solid, heavy piece of nicely finished wood–and returned to the happy, happy client.

20200224 Inside of Door
The inside of the door, where the reinforcement Kevin added is–but can you see it from there?

20200224 Outside of Door
The outside of the door, ready for hardware and hard use.

When Kevin set the panel into the door, not only did he secure it in the usual manner, he added a layer of silicone to help keep the glass in place–and to seal it against the weather. We’re told that it’ll be a front door for the client’s family, so it will be facing the elements–and a lot of use from the kids going in and out. But with the panel secure and Kevin’s reinforcements in place, it’ll stand up to what faces it, and it’ll look good the whole way through!

We’d love to help you with your project, adding stained glass art to your home or business. Give us a call at 830-890-1509 or shoot us an email at and see what all we can do for you!

A Quick Presidents’ Day Update

With the holiday, we decided to get a bit more work done on a project we’ve had in progress. We’ll have a fuller description and discussion later, but for now, we want to point out one of the regular features of the work we do:

It’s a glass door insert. The door itself was restored by an expert woodworker; we’ll show it later on.

You’ll note some of the came–the metal holding the pieces of glass–is raised from the rest of it. As we’re posting this, Kevin is busy adding more. It’s a zinc came in what’s called a colonial profile. Because it’s going back into a front door, it needs to handle a lot of stress; zinc already does a fair bit of that, but the additional reinforcement Kevin’s adding will help the door hold up for many more years to come.

Not every glass worker would take the time on a job like this to do a job like this. We believe in going the extra mile and doing a job that will stand the test of time. Give us a call at 830-890-1509 or shoot us an email at and see what all we can do for you!

Another Example of the Work We Do

A lot of the work that we do–and that we’re doing now–is repair work. Stained glass is glass, after all, and any glass will break if it’s not handled the right way. A lot of people use stained glass for outside windows and doors, and anything that the wind and weather touch can find itself cracked and broken. Too, the way the panels of a stained glass window are joined is usually metal, and most metals have fun when the get to play in the rain.

One repair that we recently got done–and there are others in process and in our queue even now–was a hanging panel showing a Southwestern scene. When it got to us, it looked like this:

Glass is supposed to show light through, but the refraction from the mountain in the background is a bad sign

As the picture makes clear, there was a fair bit of damage to the piece. Many of the individual pieces of glass were cracked, with some chunks outright missing, and there was damage to the joints between pieces that doesn’t show up well in the image. Complicating matters was something we run into fairly often; a lot of stained glass pieces that come to us are older works, well executed when they were made but using materials no longer available. Some of the glass in the panel can’t be found anymore–but we knew what to do!

Kevin started by carefully disassembling the piece, removing the cracked and broken bits of glass one sharp-edged shard at a time.

This is during the removal; there are more shards to remove at this point, to be sure, and it’s careful work.

With the broken pieces removed, Kevin considered how best to proceed. As noted, some of the glass in the original is no longer available. We had some in stock from previous purchases, and for others, we were able to make close matches from our inventory. Some, though, we did not have on hand, and we didn’t have a close match for. What Kevin did to address that, then, was to replace more of the original glass with as close a match as was available, preserving the artistic unity and integrity of the piece. We and our client were happy with the results:

Different, yes, but whole, and true to the original on the whole

Right now, we’re working on a door that desperately needs some attention, but we’re always happy to look at your needs and see what we can do for you! If you’re in the Texas Hill Country and you’ve got some stained glass that needs fixing, or if you think art glass would make a fine addition to your home, give us a call at 830-890-1509 or email us at!

A Recent Creation: July 2019

It’s been far too long since we’ve gotten anything posted here, but it’s not for lack of working. Indeed, we’ve been doing repair after repair, and we’ve gotten some custom jobs requested of us, too. One of them just recently left our table, a lovely little beehive panel with the client’s name suspended below:

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Like a number of our earlier pieces, the main panel is framed in lead came with a chain soldered into the piece to allow for stable hanging; the name-panel is constructed the same way. The main measures some 18 x 12″, with the name-panel approximately 14 x 4″, and every piece of it was hand-cut and hand-fitted into the panels pictured. The glass is the color you see; it’s not painted, nor is it colored plastic. It’s true stained glass, and it picks up the light like nothing else can.

Drop us a line at 1-830-890-1509, and we’ll be happy to talk with you about how we can make your stained glass (or clear art glass!) dreams come true!

A Recent Repair: 22 April 2018

Things have been proceeding a bit slowly for us at Heart’s Desire–but they have been going. In the past weeks, we’ve been working on a repair job–a door that had seen some problems. When it came to us, it looked like this:

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As is clear, several of the panels were badly cracked, with some needing to be patched with plastic to keep outside air and all kinds of little critters out. But we got the door and got to work, first sketching out what panels would need replacing–because the state of the glass in the cracked panels was such that fixing them wouldn’t have worked well:

20180422 Plotting Repair

With that sketch ready, we pulled out the glass that could be saved, replaced what couldn’t, and put things together to know that we were doing what needed to be done:

20180422 Amid Repair

Soon enough, we had all the pieces back in place, the glass back in the door, and the door back to the people whose house it was–and it looked something like this:

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Now, the folks have a door to be proud of and an art-glass window on the world–and you can, too! Drop us a line at 1-830-890-1509, and we’ll be happy to talk with you about how we can make your stained glass (or clear art glass!) dreams come true!

An Upcoming Event

We just thought you’d like to know that we plan on seeing you at the Kerr County Fair, 27-29 October 2017. We’re hard at work getting materials together for the show; Kevin might have some kaleidoscopes ready (they’re pretty, but they’re intricate, too), and window-hangers will be there in plenty! There might also be some limited-edition word-art ready to hand…

More’s coming, too!