A Quick Presidents’ Day Update

With the holiday, we decided to get a bit more work done on a project we’ve had in progress. We’ll have a fuller description and discussion later, but for now, we want to point out one of the regular features of the work we do:

It’s a glass door insert. The door itself was restored by an expert woodworker; we’ll show it later on.

You’ll note some of the came–the metal holding the pieces of glass–is raised from the rest of it. As we’re posting this, Kevin is busy adding more. It’s a zinc came in what’s called a colonial profile. Because it’s going back into a front door, it needs to handle a lot of stress; zinc already does a fair bit of that, but the additional reinforcement Kevin’s adding will help the door hold up for many more years to come.

Not every glass worker would take the time on a job like this to do a job like this. We believe in going the extra mile and doing a job that will stand the test of time. Give us a call at 830-890-1509 or shoot us an email at hearts.desire.stained.glass@gmail.com and see what all we can do for you!