Sometimes, the Simple Suffices

While we delight in the colors and textures of art glass, reveling in building new pieces of stained glass art for our clients, we also do no small amount of repair work. Too, living in the beautiful Texas Hill Country gives us an appreciation for the open vistas and the views of our limestone hills covered in oak, cedar, and mesquite. So we’re happy to work with clear glass, too.

As it happens, we’re not alone in enjoying a view through a clear glass window. A client of ours brought us a piece that had seen some use, certainly, hoping that we could restore it to a condition where it will let in the light and the gorgeous views for which the Hill Country is rightly known while still keeping the outside outside and the inside in. Like musicians playing their scales, we know that keeping in practice with the basics is key to doing more intricate work, so we said “Sure; let’s take a look.” And there was something to look at, certainly…

How it came to us; photo by Kevin Elliott

Work to be done included repairing the came that could be fixed, replacing the came that could not be and the glass that had fallen away, polishing the glass in place, and preparing the lot for installation. The client had another panel on hand, as well, and was kind enough to offer it to us as an example of what they wanted; there’s much to say about a matched set.

The panel needing repair and the standard of comparison; photo by Kevin Elliott

It’s always helpful to have a model to follow, and so we got to work on it, cutting glass to replace the missing pieces, polishing those that were already there, and fitting the whole into came to give it the form and structure it needs. That done, we applied a patina to the came, which helps protect it from the weather in addition to making it match the model our clients helpfully provided. The result is below, ready to go back into place to help a happy home stay well-lit and weather-tight!

The job done; photo by Kevin Elliott

If you’ve got a piece of glass that needs some attention–or if you’d like a new piece of your very own designed, built, and installed–let us know; we’re happy to help! Please, give us a call at 830-890-1509, or message us via our “Contacts” page to see what all we can do for you!

And if you need some writing done, please reach out at Elliott RWI!

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