How to Work with Us, or, Help Us Help You Get Your Good Glass!

While we have done craft shows, and we will be doing them again, most of the work we do takes the form of custom orders (like the Smith Panel Combination or the Turner Transom) or repair work (like the Cassidy Door or another simple piece). Because we’re in the business of helping people meet their art glass needs, we figured a bit about our process might be helpful to know.

For either custom orders or repairs, the first step is getting in contact with us. You can do that through our Contacts page or via the form below. When you do, please be sure you give us good contact information for you; we can’t keep you in the loop if we don’t know how to get in touch with you, after all. Phone number and email help a lot, and, if you want us to install work for you, we have to know where to go to do it.

For a custom piece, once we’re in contact, we’ll ask about your ideas about color schemes and design. If possible, Kevin will come out to take a look at where you want to put the piece, getting both its dimensions and a handle on the visual context where the piece is going to be. However good a stained glass window or panel might be on its own, it’ll look a lot better if it fits where it’s going to live. All that done, we’ll draft some designs based on our conversations and observations, including not only the shapes of the glass, but the colors and textures, so that you know what all you’re looking at getting. You take your pick of the bunch, and we’ll proceed from that.

For repair work, once we’re in contact, we’ll talk about what repairs need to be done. If possible, Kevin will come out to take a look at where the piece is going in, seeing what context it will have so as to make the repairs fit more smoothly into existing designs. (If there are any pictures available of the piece prior to damage, they’d be handy to have, as well.) We’ll ask about any particular concerns, such as local traffic and whether or not there’s a budding baseball team in the area, and, once we have all that information, we’ll proceed.

It’s all fun and games, but it’s not the best friend to a window.
Photo by Steshka Willems on

With both custom orders and repair work, we’ll draft a quote for getting the work out, done, and back in. Quotes are done on a case-by-case basis, and they’ll take into account the complexity of the design, the glass going into it, any special factors that need to be addressed (such as travel costs for jobs that take us far away from Kerrville and premiums for rush orders), and installation costs (if applicable). We’ll also let you know if there’s a queue–we put our full attention into each piece we do, which means we can only work on one or two pieces at any given time–and where you’d fall in it. If all that seems fine to you, we’ll get started just as soon as we receive your 50% deposit, with the balance due once the work is done and going in.

We guarantee all of our work from manufacturing defects for the life of the piece. We can’t account for how folks will treat what we put in after we put it in, but we can–and we do–guarantee it’ll be right when we get it to you.

We live and work in Kerrville, Texas, right in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Our pieces are in place in Kerr, Bandera, Gillespie, Kendall, and Bexar Counties–so far. But we are happy to go most anywhere in the Lone Star State. And why not?

As always, we look forward to earning your business. Thank you!

And if you have any writing needs you’d like addressed, check out our associates at Elliott RWI!

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