The Turner Transom: Finale

Just about the time the last comments about the Turner Transom found their way out into the world, the snag resolved itself. The parts came in that we needed, the glass got cut–and it didn’t break–and we were able to get the piece assembled on the table.

On the table, as noted; photo by Kevin Elliott

Of course, stained glass isn’t really meant to be viewed as a flat piece, but instead to have light shining through it…

That’s more like it; photo by Kevin Elliott

In the event, the 36 x 12 inch piece, constructed in came throughout for the best possible strength, is leaving us. The client is taking care of installation, so we’ve got to say goodbye to it, sending a little bit more of our work out into the world for others to enjoy. But we’re sure they will enjoy it who see it, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing our progress in making it!

This won’t be the last piece we do, of course. We’ve still got the Perry Panel to work with, and we’re about to start a couple of exciting new projects. As ever, we’ll keep you posted about our progress on them–and if you’d like your own piece to be among those projects, drop us a line! We’re happy to hear from you via our “Contacts” page, by phone at 830-890-1509, or by way of the form below!

And remember to reach out to Elliott RWI for your writing needs!

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