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The Perry Panel: Detailed Assessment

Having finished up the Turner Transom and having worked through the Carpenter Beck Door, we were pleased to get back to work on the Perry Panel, taking the next step in our work on it. In this case, we did a fuller inspection of the panel than we were able to amid the other works, finding there was a lot more to do than we’d originally thought–dozens of breaks, in fact.

It’s not a surprise, admittedly. We were told that the panel came from a movie set, and shooting takes a toll on everything that connects to it. Too, it’s been a while, and age, unfortunately, affects us all. Further, the whole piece is in the Tiffany style, and while that allows for beautifully detailed work, it doesn’t always come with the best stability and endurance. Pieces move and shift, and the stresses of doing so sometimes break the glass. Fortunately, though, we know just what to do and how to do it–and we’ll let you know some more about that next time!

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The Perry Panel: Finding the Fixes that Need Doing

In the middle of February, we took a look at a piece of Hollywood history in the Perry Panel, getting started simply by getting the sizeable Tiffany panel into our home workshop and into the queue for examination and estimation. When we were obliged to take a break from another project we’ve got in progress at the moment, we had a chance to take a look at the panel and get a sense for what all needs fixing on it. And, as it happens, there’s quite a bit.

We’re lucky that the bones of the panel are good. The framing seems sound, and there’s a lot of glass that’s in good shape. There are also many places where we might incorporate some stronger structural elements, enhancing the panel’s stability while maintaining its appearance. But there’s a lot that…needs some work, and some of it’s in places that will require a lot of disassembly to get to. But we always do love a challenge, and it’s always a pleasure to restore beautiful pieces to glory!

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The Perry Panel: Getting Started

We just recently got asked to take a look at a beautiful piece of Tiffany-style stained glass that we’re told has a Hollywood history. Looking at this beauty, we can believe it–just like we can believe it’s seen a fair bit of use.

Kevin will be taking a closer look at this Perry Panel to find the breaks that need fixing and to get a feel for the glass and other materials that will be needed to bring back the full beauty of this gorgeous piece of work. If and as the repair commences, we’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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