The Perry Panel: Detailed Assessment

Having finished up the Turner Transom and having worked through the Carpenter Beck Door, we were pleased to get back to work on the Perry Panel, taking the next step in our work on it. In this case, we did a fuller inspection of the panel than we were able to amid the other works, finding there was a lot more to do than we’d originally thought–dozens of breaks, in fact.

It’s not a surprise, admittedly. We were told that the panel came from a movie set, and shooting takes a toll on everything that connects to it. Too, it’s been a while, and age, unfortunately, affects us all. Further, the whole piece is in the Tiffany style, and while that allows for beautifully detailed work, it doesn’t always come with the best stability and endurance. Pieces move and shift, and the stresses of doing so sometimes break the glass. Fortunately, though, we know just what to do and how to do it–and we’ll let you know some more about that next time!

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