The Neubauer Reconstruction: Getting Started

We do a lot of repairs to existing stained glass work, as we’ve shown in such pieces as the Cassidy Door and the Carpenter Beck Door. Less often, but no less happily, we take on work like the Smith Panel Combination, where we reconfigure existing glass into new designs. Sometimes, though, we get a project that involves a bit of both–like the Neubauer Reconstruction.

What had happened with this piece is that, while it was decently constructed–the outside edges are of sturdy zinc came, and there is some reinforcement in the piece–it was removed and moved, and handled badly amid that move. It’s not the first time we’ve encountered such a piece; we got one in one time that had been stepped on. But it’s always a shame to see it happen–especially with so vibrant a piece, and one that clearly was made with some attention to detail. Note how the streaks in the “water” largely align, suggesting the flow behind the koi; it’s not bad work at all, though it was treated badly later on.

We would, of course, be happy to restore this piece to its original glory; it’s the kind of thing in which we delight, not least when working with such a vivid piece as this one. But the client wants something a little different; what we’ll be doing is reconfiguring the rectangular panel into an oval hanger, preserving the koi and the oyster and as much of the scene as can remain while framing the two in as an oval. And, instead of the zinc came with the soldered-on hanging points–they show up in the first picture of the obverse–we’ll be framing the oval in H-shaped lead came. The glass will fit into the inside; double-jack chain will be fitted and secured into the outside, allowing for a more even distribution of the hanger’s weight within its structure and facilitating its display in most any window.

We’re happy to do this kind of work for you, too; if you’ve got some you’d like attended to, let us know below!

And, for your writing needs, get in touch with Elliott RWI!

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