The MK Panel: Layout

Last week, we noted getting started on another piece: the MK Panel. In that note, we described the site where the panel will live and out overall plan for construction, as well as noting the formation of our window plans.

We’re pleased to report progress on the piece–although we did have a bit of a snag along the way. Part of the window involves showing a piano keyboard, and many of the white keys are overlain by black ones. Since the panel has to be relatively flat, we can’t simply lay black glass over white–at least not in this case–so we had to figure out a way to notch the white pieces. Our first attempts at it were to cut the notches out with a saw we have specifically for cutting glass; the problem was that using it the way we thought to do created stress points in the material, and glass under stress does but one thing.

It’s a tragedy.
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

We found our workaround, though. Turns out, we only needed to cut one side of the notch–if we scored the other. Doing that let us work with the glass more the way it should be worked with, giving us the pieces we needed to make the piano keys work.

That done, we started cutting and laying out the vibrant colors of the rest of the window, with what we think are good results.

Getting the glass cut and fitted together means it’s time to start assembly–which we’ll detail next time!

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