The Carpenter Beck Door: A More Detailed Examination

Last week, we noted having gotten started on the Carpenter Beck Door, thanks to a contractor reaching out to us to help with a client’s remodel. In the time since getting the post written, we’ve gotten the panel out of the door and gotten it laid out on our working table, where we’ve been able to take a good, long look at it and see what all needs to be done with it.

The visual design of the panel is a relatively simple one, being largely block geometric shapes. It’s a strong design, striking in the contrasts of red and blue against the clear, warmed by the central ambers; it’s a good window to work with. But it’s in need of a fair bit of work on the came. Some two dozen joints, indicated by numbers and arrows on the window (they’ll be removed as the repairs are effected, and the window will be cleaned well before we return it to the contractor and the client), are in need of repair. The soldering that connects the came has come loose, probably as a result of hard use on the door and exposure to the weather.

To fix it, we’ll have to remove the old soldering and replace it. Some of that might involve pulling apart some of the came; it happens, sometimes, but it’s not always the kind of thing that can be predicted. And then we’ll proceed with the rest of the work we need to do: repairing the breaks, re-puttying the whole panel, and reinforcing it inside and out. When it’s done, it’ll be a beautiful window that will stand up to the rigors of use for years to come!

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