The Carpenter Beck Door: We’ve Done a Bit

We’ve continued to be busily at work on the Carpenter Beck Door Panel, bringing it along a fair way. We’re quite pleased with how things turned out, and we’re confident that not only the client, but the client’s successors, will be too–because we (re)built this thing to last!

The came is repaired; see how much neater that solder work is? Photo by Kevin Elliott.

We got the old joints repaired that needed repaired, and the whole window has been reputtied. The individual pieces of glass will now stay where they are in the came, forming an airtight panel that will keep out the winds that blow in when the Hill Country gets some of the rain it always seems to need. And to help keep things from moving out of joint again, we’ve added reinforcing rods along the middle three uprights, as well as at the major horizontals, binding them to the back of the came so that the light shining in will hide them–and they can keep the panel from moving in ways it shouldn’t when the door swings open and closed.

We’re not done, of course. As of this writing, the panel is yet to be picked up and installed by the contractor with whom we’re working. Too, there are always more projects coming, and we’ll be building up inventory to start heading out to craft shows again as time and circumstances permit, doing things such as are featured here. In the meantime, if you’ve got a project you’d like us to do, read up on our new-project process here, and then reach out to us at 830-890-1509, through our Contact page, or via the form below; we’d love to work with you!

And remember to reach out to the folks at ElliottRWI for your writing needs!

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