Other Work

A lot of the work we’ve been doing has taken the form of repair and adjustment of such large pieces as front doors, cabinet inserts, and window panels. But we got started on the back porch, putting together little suncatchers, commemorative pieces, and standing figures that hang inside windows and sit on shelves, catching the light that comes in and shining brilliantly, beautifully. It’s good to go back to that kind of thing now and again–and we’ve done that!

When we’ve done live shows, such pieces have been popular. (For good reason–they make excellent gifts, for one thing!) Also popular have been our school- and activity-related work, like the piece below–and we’ll note that when we do these kinds of projects, we work hard to get the colors and textures of glass just right. Details matter, after all!

We’re going to keep working on this kind of thing, so if you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you! Please, give us a call at 830-890-1509, or message us via our “Contacts” page to see what all we can do for you!

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