An Upcoming Event

We just thought you’d like to know that we plan on seeing you at the Kerr County Fair, 27-29 October 2017. We’re hard at work getting materials together for the show; Kevin might have some kaleidoscopes ready (they’re pretty, but they’re intricate, too), and window-hangers will be there in plenty! There might also be some limited-edition word-art ready to hand…

More’s coming, too!

Welcome to Heart’s Desire Stained Glass!

It’s been a while, to be sure.

Heart’s Desire made artisanal stained glass in the Texas Hill Country in the first decade of the millennium, but for the past few years, we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus.

No more.

We’re back, and we’re glad to be back!

More will be coming, of course, but for now, welcome! And, if you could:

Come on back and see us!